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Deepest, darkest thoughts from the Studio.

Optimum Cars came to speak with Hypa Concept regarding a fresh rebrand of their business after a considerable investment in the business, we worked closely with them to understand the market they wished to target and came up with a brand that now screams quality rather than quantity!

The O and the C are layered over each other to create a third colour in the pallette which even with out the Optimum Cars text next to it can stand alone as an icon and be instantly recognisable.

We love getting our teeth into creating a fresh brand for clients here in the Hypa Studio, Optimum sell good quality cars and recognised the need to invest a little bit of time and effort into their image, how they come accross to people visiting them to purchase a car, and we were delighted that they came to us.

The eye catching identity is something we love in the studio but more importantly the guys at Optimum Cars loved also, giving us great feedback and inviting us to create more artwork for items such as keyrings, stationery, signage, banners and foot matts.

The logo we created is one of our favourites here in the studio, does your business need rebranding with a fresh new look, we would love to chat about improving your brand.

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